About Kalasinchanam Yogastala Ancient Arts Trust (KYAAT)

Kalasinchanam is a performing arts trust. This instrument of trust was executed on 18th October, 2003 by Yamini Muthanna. This is a charitable trust solely for the purpose of setting up an Institution for Bharatanatyam and Yoga studies.

The objects of this trust is solely non-profitable for purposes incidental to Ancient Art studies by:

  1. Arranging classical dance performances, workshops and symposiums.
  2. By conducting cultural festivals.
  3. By arranging periodical competitions in performing arts.
  4. By granting studentship, scholarship, stipends, medals, help and encourage deserving artists and to provide monetary support.
  5. By organizing lectures, seminars and symposia on Yoga studies and performing arts.
  6. To provide amenities for holding discussion, on allied subjects to Indian tradition, culture and way of life.
  7. Kalasinchanam conducts regular dance classes for students.