Yoga Profile

The origin of Yoga takes us back 5000 years, when the ancient sages documented various understandings of their spiritual awakening, and compiled it in the form of Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras and other valuable scriptures which aimed to help mankind maintain harmony in their existence. Their research also gave rise to Ayurveda, Vedanta (Metaphysics), Astrology and many such important timeless information guiding human existence. Most of them are documented in the form of Aphorism. A study into these ancient teachings is fundamental for everyone regardless of culture or religious orientation to be able to analyse and realise the spiritual vision in life.

Yogastala offers a space to learn and practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, to understand, to enjoy and feel the flow of vital energy, to which the practice of Yoga is tantamount. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a classical style of Hatha Yoga, where a set of brilliantly conceptualised Asana and Pranayama techniques are practiced to exert control over body and mind.

Yamini Muthanna studied under the able guidance of Yoga Visharadha Sri BNS Iyengar for over 30 years. Yamini is a purist practicing Hatha Yoga Vinyasa and does not believe in tampering with the techniques evolved by the ancient masters. Yamini runs a school of yoga in Bangalore called Yogastala. She has conducted workshops in London, New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. She regularly conducts Yoga workshops in different corporate sectors on the benefits of Yoga in modern living. She has students from all over the world learning the art and technique of yoga with her.

She is also a well known and accomplished Bharatanatyam exponent, teacher and a performer who has been empaneled under the Indian Council for Cultural Affairs, External Affairs Ministry, Government of India. She has traveled as an official ambassador of Indian culture to various countries around the world.

On Teaching

Yamini enjoys weaving the Asana practice into an interesting and challenging Vinyasa flow (sequence). She encourages her students to make the practice personal by helping them understand the benefits of each asana at their various levels. She pays skilled attention to precision and mindfulness, alignment and breathing, challenges a dynamic flow of asanas emphasising strength, flexibility and balance. She pays attention to the theoretical aspects of Yoga and encourages interested students understand the Yoga Philosophy. She personally suggests ways of enhancing their practice.

Her approach to her profession as a Yoga Teacher, is with full dedication and conviction. Her personal journey of yoga has been very enriching, in all aspects of her life. She believes and practices this ancient science with devotion and commitment. She aims to guide as many students as possible, to reach to their highest potential of mental, physical and spiritual harmony through Yoga.

Practice Order

Yoga Chikitsa (for beginners)

A new student is initiated into the practice of Yoga at this level. Students come in with a lot of apprehensions – not flexible, unfit, recovering from an ailment, for therapy and many such reasons. Keeping this in mind, she initiates a basic understanding to yoga for all beginners. A series of asanas focussing on postural alignment, balancing and breathing techniques are introduced, which are valuable and important for a beginner to understand. She introduces techniques of body mapping and some dietary advice if required, to balance the constitution of the body. She addresses issues requiring therapy, so that a student will be able to overcome the initial challenges of the asanas with understanding and focus.

Students have benefited well from this level of practice as personal attention and specific instructions are on focus here. As the sessions progress students are able to establish a firm grounding into practice of the postures, breathing and Vinyasa. They will also enable self practice or practice in a group classes in Vinyasa Krama.

Vinyasa Krama

Vinyasa Krama is the science of sequencing asanas in a particular order. The pattern here is similar to the traditional format of Ashtanga. The sequence is led as a group session. It covers the primary, intermediate and advanced levels of Ashtanga Yoga.


Vishesha Asanas are challenging asanas. When a student reaches this stage Yamini personally encourages and guides the progress of a student, by helping them with preparatory asanas, or by helping them experiment safe ways of approaching the asana depending on the individual’s body structure and capability.


Techniques of Pranayama or breathing is learnt in this level of practice. The basic techniques would be introduced in the Yoga Chikitsa Stage. But in this level of practice, theory and advanced techniques of pranayama are introduced. This depends on the readiness of the student.

A Personal Note of experience

It is important to enliven the “self” everyday and to be alert, as each day has a profound and unique message which is sacred and pure. People are motivated to take up Yoga for various reasons from health to stabilising emotions, or to a spiritual search. The practice of Yoga gradually offers answers to what the seeker is seeking. Key is to be consistent. A study into “Ashta Angas” or the 8 limbs of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra provides a perfect guide:

  • To recognize and appreciate all the precious experiences life has to offer in its various stages.
  • To be disciplined, aware and accept the profound messages each experience offers.
  • To be healthy and wise in facing challenges and obligations life offers.
  • To Merge the mundane and the spiritual.

Yamini has authored a book ‘The Power of Yoga’ [buy on Amazon India] published by Om Books International, Delhi. The book is now on the best seller lists. The book has also won an award for best design by the Indian Books Federation. This book is now also available in Chinese. Read more in the books section.

She is also an instructor on the popular television health and fitness channel Tata Sky Active Fitness which features India’s top fitness experts. The program is aired as Mysore traditional Vinyasa Yoga Krama on channel 113.

She also features in the much awaited documentary film made by Andrew Eppler, USA on Mysore Yoga Traditions (see trailer).